REVEALED: Maserati Ghibli Video & Gallery


Maserati’s newest high performance sports coupe is the talk of the brand. The sleek, fun, and stylish Ghibli, takes the driving experience to a new level.

Since its initial debut in 1967, the Ghibli continues to impress with its luxurious modern concept.

Smooth curves, attractive exterior lines, and frameless door windows give the Ghibli a well-rounded look that speaks to the sophistication of the driver.

The classic Maserati grille brings the evolved look of the vehicle full circle, giving reverence to the brand’s original design.

From the inside, there is no mistaking that it’s a Maserati. The dual color leather interior makes this car pop. We’re in love with the black and red combo. It’s hard to pass up and definitely says power!

At the center of the dash is a large display of the Maserati Touch Control, which is the window to in-car entertainment, control of on-board devices.

Unveiled at the 15th Shanghai Auto Show, Maserati fans and spectators were in awe of the craftsmanship and sheer style of the new Ghibli. Fully equipped with a powerful V6 Twin Turbo engine, this beauty speaks for itself.



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